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We all know communication is key, if you haven’t heard it from DJ Khaled, then you are reading it from me. Communication is the glue within the company that keeps everything together and a pathway to success. However, since Covid-19 came around people were forced to live off the digital realm to communicate with friends, colleagues, and even the outside world. Digital communication is very helpful for communication, but remember we are not robots, we are humans that thrive off of some sort of contact; the most effective is physical communication.

As every workplace is different, there’s no ‘one size fits all approach to a better communication strategy, but there are a few things you need to realize when communicating with other people. Here are a few team communication methods down below:

1) You need to realize the personality/ diversity of your teammates 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏽

Before trying to figure out what the best method is to communicate with your team, take some time to fully analyze your team’s personality by having a mutual one-on-one conversation with each other. This will determine how active that person communicates and then it will determine the necessary actions. It’s awesome to have a diverse team with different ideas. However, analyzing the experiences, cultural effects, and styling each of your teammates is crucial in understanding the best way to communicate with them.

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2) Open conversations/ do fun stuff 🥳

This is one method to use to engage more with your team. Try open conversation, not everything needs to be business-oriented. Throw in a bizarre topic and see how your team reacts to it as a group. This will make you realize some of the cool thoughts your teammates have as well giving them a space to speak freely without many “policies” and “business” restrictions on their natural thought process.

3) One-on-one sessions 🤝

Having team sessions are great and all, but you need to cater to those members that are introverts. It’s is a common technique used by HR reps to, get a stronger connection with all of the team members. The one-on-one sessions are a morale booster for employees because you get to see the motion of an individual and the creatives ideas when alone, especially those introverted individuals.

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4) Visual presentations 🎨

Try learning from a digital article and a video, which one do you prefer? The option with an essential presentation I am assuming. Some people retain information much better if it’s all mapped out in front of them. It saves time for them to try to interpret it and put it together.

5) Display confidence and seriousness/ tone 🎤

Your approach is the number one identification for someone to engage with what you are saying. Picture yourself at one of the TED Talks listening to the speaker speak about history. Now, what type of speaker would you be more engaged with; a dull monotone speaking person reading off his notes or a hyped person using body gestures and different tones of voices to keep everything in high motion? I choose the dull person, haha no just kidding. Also, this means assessing your tone (emotions) before speaking that way you can catch if someone will be annoyed, bored, or even angry. The tone matches the tone.

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6) Listen to your team 👂

Being a leader doesn’t mean you know it all and you have to do it all. There is a difference between a boss and a leader. Take some time and listen to what your teammates have to say both good and bad conversation. Why? In every situation, you can learn a lot about the context being said. Also, it will be a trusting environment where everyone can work together rather than against each other.

7) Be appreciative/ give encouraging feedback 🤗

This is an emotional habit you need to intake. Being appreciative is the essence of growth while giving feedback to help your fellow teammates. Again you are working with each other not against each other. For there to be a stable and exponential environment, you need to be more involved (not too involved, give some space) in each other work to help each other in areas they may have missed. We are humans, we make mistakes, as an individual we don’t know it all. However, feeling that support makes you want to thrive to go even further, imagine it, all of your teammates working together, sharing ideas, and keeping a vibe where everyone can flow with you. Amazing isn’t it.

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