How to launch on Product Hunt? Our experience on PH

Maya AI launched on Product Hunt
Product Hunt Logo: Nice isn’t it :)


My name is Shivam Ramphal, one of the co-founders of Maya AI. I am the one who actually set up our Product Hunt campaign for Maya, and there is a couple of things I followed and needed to follow to launch the right way. Below will be some different tools and tricks I utilize to get the most out of Product Hunt.

Get known and start connecting within the community (1-month before launch)


  • Add people within your niche; users/ makers

Set up your Product Hunt Ship

Product Hunt Upcoming Products


  • Create a story for your product and let users know what is in the works
  • Use relevant media files that show your product in action
  • Make as much noise as you can

Gathering your assets


  • Take screenshots with the product in action
  • Work on a simple, but attractive tagline. Play around with it.
  • Videos are more preferable to graphics (even though Product Hunt only allows one video)
Maya AI Product Hunt Screenshots

Work on your first comment (Story)


  • Explain how your product will fix the “problem”
  • List the different features and how the product works
Stories make things exciting

Resources to help out

PH Leaderboard

PH FB Groups

PH Checklist

PH Indie Hacker

PH Self-Guide

PH Ship Guidelines

Maya AI: An AI business assistant that learns, grows, and guides founders

An AI business assistant that learns, grows and guides founders 🤓